We accept payment from any insurance that allows you to choose your own provider-- that is, any PPO.  We are not contracted with any HMOs so we cannot accept their payments.

We do our best to find out exactly how your insurance covers services at our office but even with considerable effort, sometimes insurance companies will not divulge their coverage information.  Our full fee is your responsibility, and if your insurance company pays part of it, that is terrific.  Again, we do our best, but be prepared to cover whatever your insurance does not pay.


We expect payment of your anticipated patient portion at the time that services are rendered.  Cash or checks are preferred; debit cards are also accepted. Due to widely varying and unpredictable fees attached to credit cards, we are phasing these out. If you are paying with a Health Savings Account card, please set up a PIN so that it is passcode protected and can be used as a debit card. Thank you!