We are blessed by the many wonderful people who have walked through our doors. See what some of them have to say below:



I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the care I received yesterday afternoon.  My mouth actually feels clean for the first time in a long time.  You and your staff managed to make a frightening situation into a pleasurable experience.  I will definitely return for the additional work and recommend you to all my friends!  Thanks again!


Thank you for your patience in coping with my fear of the dentist.  Were it not for the motto of 'gentle dentistry,' I might not have been persuaded to make the appointment.  I'm so glad I did, though!  You are as kind and understanding as Brendan had promised.  It was a pleasure to meet you.  See you on the 8th!

MIchelle F.

Thank you so, so, so much!!!  My tooth looks absolutely wonderful!  I was so self-conscious about that tooth, that I would hate to smile.  I would put my hand over my mouth when I would laugh.  :(  Now, I feel like a new person.  I feel so much more pretty.  I'm not "the mom with the golden tooth" any more!  Yeah!  :)


I just wanted to say thanks for everything... and that I am sorry for being such a sensitive patient.  I am thrilled with my new teeth... I think they look great.  And just for the record I am feeling just fine... no pain!!!!!  So.... I guess I'll be back.... you passed the test!  Thanks again..... 


Hi!  I just wanted to tell you that you are the BEST dentist and that I'm very proud of you.  I know this sounds like a mom.  But I love being your patient!  Thank you!


I deeply appreciated you working me in on Thursday night and staying to take care of my problem.  I really felt badly keeping you after hours.  I feel so much better thanks to you.  Also, many thanks for your gentleness, concern and professionalism.  Please give my best to your receptionist.  She is truly an asset to you and your patients.


To the world's greatest dentist's office!  You are all simply the best!  We are so grateful!

Kathy L.

Thank you so much for the blessed care we have received.  I appreciate your willingness to listen and work towards a solution.  Let your family know just how much patients like me appreciate the time you spent away from them to help me.  Your children and husband have a wonderful mom and wife. It is a blessing to know you.

Stephen E.

Love her!

Kim K.

Dr Clare is by far the best dentist ever!!!! 

Tami P.

You know you have a great dentist when you fall asleep during phase two of a root canal with only a local anesthetic. Thank you Clare!

Shelley J.

Super work. Keep using your God given talents to help others enjoy their smile.

Michele A. 

I have the coolest dentist and staff ever!!!

Keith H.

Thanks for taking great care of my family's teeth!

Chris L.

I cannot express my gratitude fully enough-- thank you SO much for so graciously making time for me today... You were the hands of Christ to me and my family today.  Thank you!

Darcey O.

I ran into someone in an elevator yesterday who had just come from your office and was raving about what a great lady/dentist you are and said that's why he's been your patient for 20+ years

Debbie G.

What a wonderful thing helping others, blessings to you!

Lisbet M.

You're amazing!!  An inspiration!!

Tom B.

Thank you so much for your care.  You are truly a blessing to our family.

Sierra K. 

One of the things I miss most after getting married and moving to Ontario...my amazing dentist and dental team! Ugh, I'm trying to drive out on my days off after work but I can't find an open time! How am I ever gonna replace you amazing people!! Matt and I need a check up desperately!

Stacey W.

Best dental practice ever!!! Love you, Clare. 

Lori P.

You have such compassion and heart!

Nina R.

You're such an inspiration to me!

Amy B. 

You are amazing and such a great example to your kids (and patients)!!!

Jina B.

Sad I had to move away, and wish we lived closer. I'd love to go with you on your adventures! And have your talented hands care for my teeth!

Janice F.

You make me smile. Good thing I have an awesome dentist!

Linda C. 

You are a blessing to our family. You take such good care of us.

Lynne N

I love it that you have a heart to give to people. A true testimony of God working and active in your life and heart!

Nancy S.

Wish there were more people like you!

Amanda C.

You are an amazing woman of the Lord Clare, amazing mamma, wife, dentist, athlete, friend, and so much more!! You inspire me to be more of what the Lord created me to be!!

Rodney T.

You never cease to inspire me!!

Donna S.

What a wonderful gift from your hands and your heart. You gave somebody something precious and incalculable: confidence. Love you, Clare, and what you do with and in your life.

Dawn O.

Incredible dentist, AND ... let me just tell you ... excellent bedside manner!!

Catherine S.

My parents are sooo happy with your work. Thank you for taking care of my mom!

Elizabeth R.

Artistry. True artistry. Very proud of your help to others. XO

Lisa J.

You did an amazing job. Her smile glows and her confidence is soaring because of you. Be PROUD!

Christine M.

Monumental day! So proud of my lil guy and thankful to Dr. Clare Macaulay and Miss Jamie for making his FIRST trip to the dentist FUN! Couldn’t have been better!

Tracy H.

You should write a book.  Love hearing about your adventures!

Mary and Layton C.

Thank you for helping Layton with his tooth.  We appreciate it a lot.

Eric S.

Thank you so much for your caring dentistry!  What I think was the most invasive procedure I've every had was almost an enjoyable experience thanks to your suggestions (dark glasses and CDs) and your care and understanding.  Thank you.

Rita M.

It was wonderful meeting you today.  You blessed my son with your gentle way--thank you! It is very much appreciated.  I'll look forward to all of us coming to your office.

Janina M.

Thank you so much for your professionalism and compassion yesterday when taking care of my daughter.

Laura L.

You really were a BIG HELP to me yesterday!  THANK YOU!!