Types of Wisdom Teeth Impaction and Eruption

Some people have wisdom teeth, or third molars, fully grown in by the time they reach 25 years of age. However, not everyone ends up having a complete eruption and this can cause pain or discomfort. In some cases, partial eruptions and impactions can have long term consequences and require a tooth extraction with Dr. Clare Macaulay in Valencia, CA. 

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Pain

What Happens If I Don’t Get the Procedure?

Even if you are not experiencing any pain or discomfort around the wisdom teeth, you may develop oral health issues later. Making sure to monitor the teeth regularly can reduce the risk of functional problems later.

How Long Is the Healing Process After a Tooth Extraction?

The extraction sites typically do not heal completely for a few weeks or even months after a tooth extraction. Healing and recovery times vary by patient. However, most patients feel much more comfortable after a period of two weeks.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Valencia, CA

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Stevenson Ranch, Valencia and Santa Clarita, CA.
Wisdom teeth typically grow in completely by the time you reach 25 years of age, if they are positioned properly to do so. However, not everyone has a complete eruption of the third molars and this can cause a number of oral health issues, pain, and discomfort. Patients often do not have enough room in the jaw to accommodate wisdom teeth and this can cause impaction. Oral surgery or a tooth extraction may be needed to prevent jaw problems and chronic pain.

If you do not have impacted wisdom teeth removed, you may end up getting an infection, experience crowding of the teeth, and develop tooth decay on both wisdom and neighboring teeth. Since it can be challenging to keep the areas around the wisdom teeth clean, you are at a higher risk of developing oral health issues without a tooth extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Your wisdom tooth extraction is performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the number of teeth that need to be removed. After cutting the gum tissue and removing bone, Dr. Macaulay may extract the entire tooth or cut it into smaller pieces for easy removal. You may need stitches in the area to promote healing.

Wisdom tooth extractions provide comfort and relief of symptoms associated with impacted third molars. If you have questions about the wisdom tooth extraction procedure in Valencia, CA, schedule an appointment with Dr. Macaulay today!

Frequently Asked Questions When Having Oral Surgery for Wisdom Teeth

1. Will all of my wisdom teeth be removed?
Since the needs of each patient are unique, it is important to discuss your options with your doctor. During your consultation, your doctor will discuss how many wisdom tooth extractions will be needed in order to prevent future dental issues. The doctor may choose to remove all wisdom teeth at once or to just remove a few potentially problematic teeth.

2. What type of anesthesia will be used?
We always make sure you are completely numb before any oral surgery begins. We can offer some types of sedation but we do not offer general anesthesia.

3. How long does the procedure take?
The duration of your procedure depends on how many wisdom tooth extractions are needed. Usually, the procedure lasts about one to two hours.

4. How long until I am completely healed after surgery?
Complete healing does not fully occur for a few weeks to even a few months after tooth extraction. However, after about two weeks, your mouth will be reasonably comfortable.

5. Are there any potential post-surgery complications?
There are two potential complications that may occur following oral surgery for wisdom teeth. Dry socket is a common complication that occurs when a blood clot has failed to form in the extracted tooth socket or when a clot has been dislodged. Dry sockets usually occur three to four days after the tooth extraction and are accompanied by pain and a foul mouth odor. Dry sockets are easily treated by placing a medication in the socket.

Paresthesia is a less common complication that occurs when nerves in the jaw bone are bruised or damaged during the tooth extraction process. This may result in numbness, or paresthesia, of the tongue, lip, or chin that can last days, weeks, or be permanent.

6. Will I have to miss work or school?
Most patients usually have to miss at least one to two days of work or school after their oral surgery for wisdom teeth. Dr. Macaulay may prescribe painkillers that will make it difficult to focus as they may make you dizzy or sleepy. She will review everything you need to know about home care to prevent inflammation or swelling. She will also recommend avoiding strenuousphysical activity, as it may increase bleeding. After a few days of recovery, most patients are able to return to their daily activities with little to no problem. 

7. What is the best age to have wisdom teeth removed?
Since each patient is unique, the ideal age to have oral surgery for wisdom teeth may vary. Most doctors will recommend having them removed before they are fully developed to prevent crowding after eruption. Younger patients also tend to heal faster and with fewer complications than older patients.

8. What if I chose not to have my wisdom teeth removed now?
Even if you chose to wait to have your wisdom teeth removed, it is important to continuously monitor them. Your mouth can change over time and it is possible to develop problems later in life. As with many other health conditions, we are at a greater risk for health problems as we age and that risk includes potential problems with the wisdom teeth.

If you need oral surgery for wisdom teeth, we can provide you with experience and expertise for this procedure. Call us today to schedule your consultation for wisdom tooth extractions.

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