Why Is Bruxism Bad?

Bruxism is the term used to describe forceful contact between the teeth. It is often characterized by loud grating or silent clenching habits and can be diagnosed by Dr. Clare Macaulay in Valencia, CA. These habits often cause serious damage to tooth structure and may wear down the teeth and gums over time. Bruxism can cause several oral health issues, including:

• Tooth Fractures
• Loose Teeth
• Tooth Loss
• Worn Down Teeth
• TMJ Disorders

Chronic Jaw Pain From Bruxism

Preventing Bruxism

Even though the cause of bruxism is unknown, there are several things you can do to stop teeth grinding habits. Here are some tips for preventing bruxism:

• Cutting back and eliminating caffeine from the diet
• Refraining from drinking alcohol
• Avoid chewing on hard objects
• Paying attention to changes in your mouth
• Relaxing the jaw before bedtime

Teeth Grinding and Bruxism in Valencia, CA

Some people grind their teeth occasionally without negatively impacting the jaw. However, people with teeth grinding habits can cause serious damage to the tooth structure which leads to oral complications. Any type of forceful contact with the teeth can wear down the tooth structure and lead to gum recession and even tooth loss, in extreme cases. Many people aren’t aware that they have a problem because they only grind their teeth when they sleep. Drinking alcohol, certain medications, or a sleep disorder can exacerbate the condition and make things worse. Children can develop bruxism when they have a cold or infection.

Why Do I Grind My Teeth?

The cause of teeth grinding habits is still unknown but some medical professionals believe it is triggered by stress or anxiety. An abnormal bite or having crooked teeth can also cause bruxism.

Why Bruxism is a Problem

Occasionally grinding the teeth is not a problem but putting pressure on the teeth on a regular basis can cause extensive damage to the teeth and jaw. You may be at a high risk for a tooth fracture or shifting teeth when you continually grind your teeth. Over time, your teeth can wear down to internal layers of the teeth and may require extensive restorative treatment. Some people experience hearing loss, changes to the appearance of their face, TMJ disorders, and chronic pain as a result of bruxism.

How Do I Stop Grinding My Teeth?

You may be fitted with a nightguard at our office which can prevent you from grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep. Exercising regularly and managing stress help to break the habit.

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