Gum Recession Causes

If you have tooth pain or notice your teeth are shifting, you may have gum disease that needs to be treated by Dr. Clare Macaulay right away. Gum recession in Valencia, CA is one of the symptoms of gum disease and should not be ignored. Causes of gum recession include:

• Periodontal Disease
• Poor Brushing Technique
• Hormones
• Misalignment of the Teeth
• Orthodontics
• Oral Piercings
• Neglecting Oral Hygiene
• Bruxism
• Tobacco Use

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Preventing Gum Recession

Some of the things you can do to prevent gum recession include:

• Use the right brushing technique
• Break habits of grinding or clenching the teeth
• Get treatment for misalignment
• Avoid habits that might irritate the gums
• Wear a nightguard

More About Recession Prevention

Gum Recession and Treatment for Gum Disease in Valencia, CA

If you have tooth sensitivity or are noticing that your gums are starting to pull away from the tooth, you may need gum recession treatment to improve your oral health. Tooth mobility, tooth sensitivity, and receding gums can be symptoms of gum disease and should not be ignored. Your gums can recede very gradually, which is why it is so important to pay attention to any symptoms and get treatment as soon as possible.

Signs of Gum Recession

Any type of tooth pain or tooth sensitivity can be a sign that your gums are receding, or that you have an infection in your mouth. If your teeth appear longer than normal or you feel a notch near the gum line, you may need a gum recession or gum disease treatment.

Common Causes of Gum Recession

In addition to gum disease, some of the common causes of gum recession include:

• Genetics - Studies suggest that 30 percent of the population is at risk for developing gum disease, as it can be hereditary.
• Brushing Too Hard - Aggressive brushing can contribute to gum recession.
• Neglecting Oral Hygiene - Failing to brush and floss regularly can increase your risk of gum disease, tooth pain, and other symptoms.
• Hormones - Fluctuating hormone levels can increase the risk of gum problems, such as recession.
• Tobacco Product Use - Tobacco use can increase plaque formation and the risk of gum disease, both of which contribute to gum recession.
• Bruxism – Grinding or clenching of the teeth places excessive pressure on the gums and muscle attachments, which can lead to gum recession.
• Misalignment - Crooked or misaligned teeth can put more pressure on certain areas of the mouth and wear down the gums.
• Body Jewelry - Piercings around the mouth can irritate the gums, particularly if they make frequent contact.
• Orthodontic Treatment - Some orthodontic appliances can cause gum recession or shift the teeth and bone to a point where the gums start to recede.

If you have tooth pain and are concerned about gum recession, we can help! Schedule your consultation with Dr. Macaulay in Valencia, CA today!

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