What Type of Teeth Whitening Do I Need?

You can try to whiten your teeth with over the counter gels and rinses, whitening toothpaste, and trays. However, you will get the fastest results with an in office treatment that can be combined with teeth cleaning services to freshen up your look. In office procedures deliver immediate results and offer numerous benefits over drugstore treatments.

In Office Teeth Cleaning and Whitening for Great Results!

Teeth whitening products purchased at the store may provide some good results, but in office teeth cleaning and whitening treatments with Dr. Clare Macaulay in Valencia, CA are a safer option and can give you results that last.

In office procedures provide better results because:

• We use prescription strength bleaching agents.
• You will be using custom made trays.
• The entire process is supervised for safety.
• We can incorporate teeth whitening into your treatment plan.

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Whitening You Can Do At Home

Teeth Whitening in Valencia, CA

We offer several effective teeth whitening solutions for our patients, including:

Tray Based Tooth Whitening – Custom trays are fabricated specifically for each patient. The trays are filled with a prescription strength whitening agent and the patient wears them for a certain length of time each day, or overnight. Teeth will start to become whiter over a course of a few days to weeks and no additional procedures are needed.

In Office Whitening - This is the fastest way to whiten the teeth and some procedures can be performed in an hour. You’ll see results immediately and can return for additional treatments to brighten your smile, if needed. In office procedures typically involve using a whitening agent in combination with a special light or laser.

At Home Whitening vs. In Office Teeth Whitening

Many patients wonder why we recommend in office treatments over at home whitening systems. Some of the biggest differences between over the counter products and in office procedures are:

• Strength of bleaching agents - We use prescription strength bleaching agents to produce lasting results.
• Fitting of trays – Dentist fabricated trays are custom made and deliver lasting results. Over the counter products may not fit your teeth properly and the solution can irritate the gums.
• Safety - We use protective measures to prevent irritation of the gum tissue. Over the counter products do not provide for such measures.
• Treatment plan - We can add teeth whitening to teeth cleaning services in our office for better results. Teeth whitening services may also be part of your smile makeover treatment plan.

If you need teeth cleaning or teeth whitening services, we have a solution for you in Valencia, CA. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Macaulay today!

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